Coffee-Time Amusings #4 (Friday 21st Sept.)

Coffee-Time Amusings #4
I’m just drinking my coffee…
Contemplating the wound to my finger; I happen to be a clumsy sort, and inevitably I will stab myself at least twice (if not once) a week. 
This time I was just taking the plastic seal from my frappuccino. A cold coffee that still has the ability to fire (or fry) all the neurons in my brain. 
I shall soon be bouncing upon the ceiling, revealing the silliness that has lain (mostly) dormant whilst I was doing the serious Ikea furniture thing. Ikea making me go up and down, back and forth, and to and fro in my search for the component parts required. 
However, I escaped unscathed (mostly) and am back to the current homestead (for a few weeks now) with a van to load up with moving stuff. 
I am sure that I shall update you on the move to sunny Kernow (Cornwall) soon.
Until then I shall just keep these postythings a coming.
Enjoy your brew

And all you do.


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