Ode To A Night In Jail

Stolen from Daily Ructions site.

Ode to a Night in Jail
Oh, dear

What am I doing here?

What have I done

To cause my imprisonment?

Was I a victim of police harassment?

Or do I deserve

The time I shall serve,

Be it one night or more;

I seem to have broken the law.
Oh, me…

Oh, my…

Upon this hard bed I lie

Upon the hard book  will I lie

Or should I just tell the truth

And take my punishment

Like a man?

I know I can.

I think.

Endure this night

In the clink.

Oh, what will my mother say?

For my soul will she pray;

And I hate to think what my father will do;

He will probably criticise me

From Cardiff to Crewe;

Or further if I know him at all,

Perhaps from Cardiff to Nepal.
Oh, well, I must make the best of things


“Dirty screws,

Dirty screws,

There’s one of me

And lots of youse!”
NB And that  song didn’t help his cause one little bit.


6 responses to “Ode To A Night In Jail

  1. Dirty screws
    What an image
    That is definitely one for me to think about,As Sheldon Always

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