Paddington to Penzance on the Night Train (Carriage 2)

Please Read Pt 1 first (if you haven’t already)
“That’s unfair!” commented Jane.
“What is? I asked.
“You’re going to kill them all.” this was said with more than a dash of reproach.
“Not necessarily; they might all survive and the only damage is to the train. Anyway, if the journey is now going to be ‘memorable for all the wrong reasons’ they will have to be alive to ‘remember’ it. Nobody has to get hurt.” I was hopeful that this argument was a winner – my ‘hopeful’ was sadly lacking in the large amount of ‘surety’ required.
“Rubbish!” Jane replied with a huge amount of ‘surety’ and a side order of ‘confidence’. “You’ve set the scene for a rather pleasant trip to Cornwall and now you’re going to kill (or badly maim) some of them with a train derailment in Devon!” she looked at me with a certain incredulity. “Devon, for crissakes! You could at least have let them cross the Tamar!”
“Okay, okay! I sighed. “You are right again. Let them cross into Cornwall before they have their ‘incident’ and let them cross the Hellespont to see Rome in all its glory; but, I tell you, the Senate won’t be happy.”
Jane looked at me as if I’d just gone mad, spouting forth some ridiculous spiel about the Roman Empire.
“You’re a crazy man.” this was delivered calmly as she turned and left, as if there was no cure to her diagnosis of my complaint, and Doctor Jane was just off to seek the recuperative tonic of coffee and a tea cake.
“I know; but, that’s why you loves me, my sweetness.” I said to her retreating back – this was said as if from Basil to Sybil; but, without the bitterness they had.
A writer’s life is full of ups and downs; and is it any wonder that they go off the rails once in a while.


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