Stream of Conscious Mess

What is this stream of consciousness in 5 minutes thing of which he speaks

There are rules, he says, and I’m not permitted to make tweaks

But what if my writing is somewhat off

Of the Rulemaker I doth scoff

For a freedom fighter am I

And rules I feel do not apply

To me

But he

Insists that I must take heed

And points out a camel in the not-too-distant distance

I fear my timer will out on me

My brain is fading 

My train of thought has left the station

And I’m worried that someone has taken my seat

As my feet wind their way to the now full carriage

I’ll miss the marriage of mind and soul

Forget the keys that unlock my world

Await the bell that tolls only for me

To let me know my time is up

And my brain no longer has to work overtime to write this missive

I’m sure it must be longer than 5

Oh! *


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