163 Words in 5 minutes under Stream-of-Consciousness rules (but, was there a theme to adhere to?)

I have no idea

About ‘what’ I am to write.

Be it a poem

Or be it not.

It hasn’t started too well

As far as the ‘I’ can tell;

But, who knows how it may go?

I know I don’t.

It is at this point that Rosie

The cat

Decides it’s time for cuddles.

That makes writing a bit awkward

But, as I am under time restraints

Having set the timer do ‘5’

I shall attempt to carry on.

And keep calm

As the poster says

– well, that’s how I read it, and it was red

– And white-

– So, back to the conundrum of what to write…

I may say here, that I don’t write anything of greatness in these stream of consciousness challenges.

But, I do find out how many words per minute I can type on my mobile. 

Probably faster than on my typewriter; although mistakes tend to slow me down somewhat – like a cumquat in a state of stasis.*



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