Not just ‘any’ Friday.


(Apart from being the day

That teddy-bears have their picnic)

Is a Friday.
“What’s so wonderful about that?” I hear you ask.
Well, person who has the audacity to invade my words (yet again)

It is not just ‘any’ day;

And it is not just ‘any’ Friday.

It’s ‘today’ Friday;

And that means ‘yay!’
Excited, we are,

That this particular Friday

Could be the one where 

Our dreams to move to Cornwall

Are actually put on a ‘Real’ footing.
Another step we take towards the South West of England.
And, it is becoming a reality.
A ‘dream’ no longer.
We are a tad excited.
We shall update as and when.
You may carry on now.
Thank you for reading.


2 responses to “Not just ‘any’ Friday.

  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😘

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