Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie

Author’s Note: I should have posted this today.
The mystery

Of Agatha Christie

And where she went

For those eleven days

Has never truly been explained.
It has been said

That she left her daughter in bed

And went to seek a truth.
But, the truth will out

Without a doubt…

But, there is nowt

That is known

Of where Agatha went.
When she returned

It couldn’t be learned

Of where she had been

Or what she had done.
It was Agatha Christie

With the Unknown Purpose

In the Morris Cowley

That did it;
But, what ‘it’ may have been…
Perhaps, we shall never know.
Well, we all like a good mystery.

5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie

  1. wow, she must be REALLY REALLY old!

  2. Dear Agatha Christie, Happy Birthday! Actually time is nothing and death too, if your memories, and your books, and everything about your life and what you left in the back, it they still live. You are here now and you will be in future always. How many times I read your books and also watched the films too. Always hits as the first time… You were great. Nobody came as you in all these years… I know, İstanbul, Pera Palace Hotel in your memories.. and also who knows maybe mystery of your eleven days, it was in here..

    Thank you dear G, She has a special place in my reading life… Love, nia

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