The Inestimable Uda Thunkett.

Miss Thunkett early on in the crossing of the Grand Canyon.

Uda Thunkett was the first ever high-wire / trapeze artist to cross the 1,500 foot Grand Canyon blindfolded.
She managed this amazing feat on Thursday 31st September, 1871; taking just four minutes and thirty-seven seconds.
A former circus artiste, miss Thunkett was quoted as being ‘pleased to have achieved a life-time ambition’. Asked why she did it blindfolded, Miss Thunkett replied ‘Because it is easy to do something like this when you can focus on a point upon the far side; take that away and you add an edge to the journey’.
Apart from a near miss when a bird almost flew into Miss Thunkett just before half-way, the crossing seemed plain sailing.
Miss Thunkett declared her next feat to be the crossing of Niagra Falls on a high wire whilst juggling three grapefruit.
Uda Thunkett?


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