An “Actual” Blog-Type Post from yours truly.

Amy Oldman (actually ‘my’ old man)

“What a pavlova!” I commented.

Though, what I really meant was nothing of the sort.

I ought to check my vocabulary from rhyme to time.

And my spelling often leafs a lot to be desired.

My grammar varies in quantity and quality with a semi-colon positioned where a comma should be: and a colon ‘just’ in the wrong, place. For example e.g.
To begin with, I should structure my work in an orderly fashion – but, I don’t. Thirdly, I must clarify my thoughts into logical progressions – but, I don’t. Before that, I should end with a smidgeon of wit – but, I don’t. 
After planning and organising comes the idea to write about something. 
Though, that does seem to me to be rather fanciful. Or should I say “fanciful”? No, I shouldn’t.
I have been writing for over forty years now, and my hand hurts. Having been writing for so long means that I have very little left of any significance to say.
I am an old man; though I am not as old as Gary Numan, nor as old as Gary Oldman; nor am I named Gary, so there the similarities end.
Being “old”

I have seen some things and done some things – and there is a lot I could say about that sort of thing. But, I won’t.
So, I will start with a brief summary of The Four Seasons by Viv (who works at Aldi).
It’s been a blast.
And a “Goodnight” from me.


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