The Looe Arts and Entertainment Chart

“And here are the top 10 in Looe’s latest Arts and Entertainment Chart.

At number 10 we have 

‘Funny Gull’  – a film and musical about Fanny Brice and starring Barbra Streisand.

A missed skiing opportunity at number 9 is ‘Chalet Gull’ with Gull Bailey (film)


‘The Calendar Gulls’ romps into the top ten at number 8 – it’s a WI film involving scones, I hear.

Number 7 is a situation that we really don’t want to see – ‘Gull on a Train’  – a book by Paula Hawkins

‘The Gullenium Trilogy’ (‘The Gull with the Dragon Tattoo’ / ‘The Gull Who Played With Fire’ / ‘The Gull Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest’) (books and films) by Stieg Larsson are all in at number 6

Numero 5 this week is ‘Gull, Interrupted’ a book by Susanna Kaysen (and you really don’t want to interrupt a gull!)

And if you didn’t know Sweden had kings, a gull saved one! ‘The Gull Who Saved The King of Sweden’ (book) by Jonas Jonasson is at 4.

No! Not that one! ‘The Other Boleyn Gull’ a book by Philippa Gregory is just into the top three is heading off at number 3.

In the naughty corner at 2, we have ‘Bad Gulls’ (also a book) by Jacqueline Wilson (are there any other types of gull?)

 And topping the Gull charts this week is ‘Me and My Gull’ a musical that involves a gull and a pasty-faced guy.

That’s the chart – back soon with more Looe charts for your bemusement.



One response to “The Looe Arts and Entertainment Chart

  1. always enjoy the bemusement ❤

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