Freedom (effort 3)

Freedom for Wales;

Freedom for quails;

Freedom for heads,

And also for tails;

Freedom for buckets

And Freedom for pales.
Freedom for rabbits

To want to be hares;

Freedom to turn up unannounced

And catch the Pope unawares;

Freedom to tea-tray

When travelling downstairs.

‘Freedom for Tooting!’

Said ‘Wolfie’ anon;

Now, Tooting has freedom

It’s slavedom has gone.
So, Freedom for one

And Freedom for all

Freedom to be what you want in Nepal;

Freedom for France,

Freedom for Rome,

Freedom to live in the safety of Home.
Freedom to be free

Freedom to live

Freedom to forget

And Freedom to forgive.


7 responses to “Freedom (effort 3)

  1. ah, freedom…. 🙂 Thank you dear G, I hope and wish freedom for us too. Love, nia

  2. Yes, I noticed dear G, but for us too, you know where I live I have problem. Not same as yours.

  3. but freedom is freedom… should be same for everyone in the world… my mind tired.

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