George Orwell – my spiel upon him and his works.

I just drove home from The Write Stuff writing group, and I was listening to a BBC Radio 4 programme about George Orwell. I then popped the audio Voice Recorder on to ‘record’ and waffled on for four and a half minutes about George Orwell.

The crux of my spiel was that:
“In 1948 George Orwell wrote 1984 when he was 44. 
George Orwell’s real name was Eric (Arthur) Blair – the same initials ‘EB’ as Enid Blyton – a coincidence? Maybe.

Room 101 in 1984 correlates to Room 5 if Binary is being used.

101 uses for a stuffed sofa when converted to Binary is only 5 uses for a stuffed sofa – and seeing as I have difficulty thinking of more than 1 use for a stuffed sofa…

George Orwell (Eric Blair’s Pen’s name) has the initials GO – and Monopoly (which gives you £200 / $unknown for passing GO, was created in 1903 – the very year that George Orwell was born – coincidence? Maybe.

In 1984, George Orwell was not around to see the outcome of the preceding 36 years from the writing of 1984 in 1948.

George Orwell (Eric Blair) died in 1950 and never got to see the TV programmes Big Brother and Room 101 (Room 5?) for which he would probably be grateful.

Winston Smith and Julia? Last I heard they were working on a farm with the animals – how true this is…

In 1948 George Orwell wrote 1984.

How cool is that? 

I don’t know; but, might George Orwell have appreciated rhetorical questions?”

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