Sun Day!i

As it is a Sun day

I thought it would be a fun day

But it’s being quite a pain day

Getting caught out in the rain day

And it’s such a bloomin’ wet day

That it’s a ‘I haven’t dried out yet day’


3 responses to “Sun Day!i

  1. Loved it, sun day…. wet, rain and not dried out yet day… Cleverly written.
    But as always. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you, nia. You have to walk the rainy path to really feel the dampness soaking in.

      Have a ‘lovely day!’


      • Yes, I can imagine and also the smell after the rain… but we all talk about nature, and nothing as before.. we are in here, in the city, having abnormal heat wave coming from Libyan desert, as they say. And probably after this, we had a rain and storm again… semi-tropical. Welcome and Thank you dear G, Love, nia

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