#SoCS Sept. 9/17 –(#Motive) Playing The Part.

Playing The Part
Playing the part;


Getting into the skin

Of the character.

Feeling their pain

Experiencing their trials

And tribulations;

And being changed by them.
I found myself laying on the floor of the changing room, crying; my character had failed to save the heroine and now there was a huge loss in my heart where she had been.
I knew that, in reality, 

She was just a written being;

Lines upon a page;

But, for an age,

She had lived

Giving me her heart

As we were torn apart.
The other actors were discussing dinner and ‘afters’ and after that;

I was wounded, dying,

From my loss; seeking solace where there was none to be found.
I know that an actor learns his lines;

Uses the hints in the text

To gather signs for the task ahead;

Here, in my head,

I shall always feel for her

And find her dead.


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