‘The Unforgotten (and other tales)’ Would you buy this book?

Artwork by Angela van son

Back Cover Notes for:

The Unforgotten (and other tales)
To become one of the ‘forgotten’ is the destiny of many a poor soul; but, to be one of the ‘unforgotten’ is much, much worse.
Always, they say, Always remember, never forget, that the worst is yet to come – it’s just that it hasn’t quite got here, yet.’
And so, we live (for I include myself amongst their number) in the shadows, upon the fringes of society, and in the deep dark recesses of minds – awaiting a conclusion…

that never comes…

… or does it?

Author’s Note: This is just one of the tales that lay in wait for you inside this treasure chest of words – as they say ‘hex marks the spot?’



3 responses to “‘The Unforgotten (and other tales)’ Would you buy this book?

  1. Yes, of course, I would buy! Forget is nothing, but remember is everything… No one remember us when we leave this world, dear G. Yes, our lovers, friends, relatives, they will go on to remember us, but till to the last one who knows us… then with everything, with everyone we will be forgotten… Because of this I started to write (in my own language) but I noticed that it wasn’t easy to be a writer in my country. I stopped. Can you believe this now, I don’t care anymore who will remember me… On the other hand, I think of Sumerian stone master/writers… what a great job they did, they wrote everything on a stone… and to who? to us, after thousand years, we read them. It touches when you think of this. I feel guilty…
    anyway, Thank you dear G, love, nia

  2. is it poetry or short stories? I would buy perhaps if we survive this hurricane working it’s way towards us 🙂 battening down the hatches captain….sigh

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