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In Xanadu did…

In Xanadu did Kubla KhanA mighty pleasuredome decree…

And that is about all that I can remember

Of that classic piece of poetry.
There was something about ‘Alf’ and some ‘caverns’

But, I will have to look the poem up

To see what it was all about;

And, no doubt,

I shall learn it well

Before the next time

Kubla Khan I have to tell.

PS that last bit may be ironic – it just may. G:)

a typewriter poem (translated)

I type these words

And make mistakes

(As I often do when talking).
However, I can always

Edit my typing before I present it;

Whereas, when I have said something bad

I may have cause to resent it.
NB my typing is not the best.

Closed For Business (is writing ‘business’?)

The sign says ‘closed’

‘Back Soon’

‘Gone to ground’

‘Visiting the Moon’

‘Out to Lunch’

‘Investigating a hunch’


‘Eating “crunch!” ‘

And other fun things.
But, I’ll be back tout suite

Or sooner

Or not

I have lots of stuff to do

Though, I don’t know what –

Should have made a list

Checked it twice

And found out who’s

The next Doctor.
Anyway, please amuse yourselves

Whilst I am away

And I hope, then,

That the Sun will have shone.


I’ll be back


In the future


Most definitely;

When all the past has gone.

That is the…

When your head tells you to ease up,

Do you listen?

Or do you consider the idea

That not all that is gold does glisten?

And a myriad other things

That this flesh is heir to?
To be quiet and relaxed within?

Or to be furrowing one’s brow in feverish contemplation?

Cure For A Broken Crown

Cure For a Broken Crown


Paper (brown)

Wrap vinegared brown paper around head

Probably a mess

But, some of these old remedies are said to work.

My Message (in a bottle)

If I wrote my words on paper,


And popped the poem

Or story

Or scrap of dialogue 

Into a bottle;

And then stoppered the bottle

And dropped the bottle and its message

Into the midst of an ocean…
would you still read my words?

A Spanner In the Works(hop)

Hannah was a spanner.

Nigel was a rule.

Hannah was dating a hammer,

Though she normally didn’t;

And neither did Nigel –

As a rule.
Elsie was a file,

And Bronwyn was a clamp;

Ginaldo was a pair of pliers

And Mactavish was a ramp.
In the workshop

They were stored

In a tool-box made of wood

But they weren’t used all that often

For their owner


Wasn’t any good.