3 Flash Fiction Stories (that didn’t quite work for me)

I was writing some 100 words stories to send off as submissions  – I ended up with 3 that I liked (one of which I really liked) I can’t put those three here, but these three were part of the process. I shall let you know how the other do. In the meantime, please consider these. Thank you for reading. G:)
Maiden Flight?
The flight had been uneventful; take off, flight, landing; without a hint of trouble – a veritable first for us.
The reception committee was eagerly awaiting us; waving flags, cheering; the band were playing ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ (which I considered highly inappropriate on one level) with that ‘slightly out of tune’ sound that only amateur bands can truly catch; and my proud father stood there waiting to reclaim his prodigal son.
“I’d just like to say a few words…” said the mayor. The rest was lost as I hugged Father – leaving Orville to receive the crowd’s acclaim.
Buried Treasure
In a field (approximately half an acre in size), near to where I live, there is a treasure buried.
This treasure has been there for many years (not centuries, for the detectorists would have surely found it); but, will remain there for only a few hours more.
Its discovery will cause much grief and the reawakening of old wounds; one person will die later today unknowing of the truth that is soon to be unearthed – in what may be thought of as a lucky escape.
I am going to find, here, what has long been thought lost forever.
Reverse Time Scheme.
Heading into the sunset. Farewells. Time to go. Calm after the storm. A reviewing of the outcome. I think that we won. The battle ends. The battle in full fury.

The battle begins. Is there no other course of action? The combatants approach the field of battle. We must fight! Honour has been challenged. The meeting. The day dawns. The little sleep I have is troubled by dark dreams. 

We try to sleep. There are no more preparations. 
We hear our sworn enemy camps nearby.
We reach the river, and I camp the army for the night.

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