Gull Songs for Looe

Okay, I’ve had so many requests for some more song titles for Looe that I put pen to paper and here is this week’s top ten in the Looe Song Chart
At no. 10:

‘My Gull’ by The Temptations
Straight in at no. 9:
‘Waiting For A Gull Like You’ by Foreigner
Down 3 at no. 8:
‘Some Gulls’ by Racey
Non-mover at no. 7:

‘My Best Friend’s Gullfriend’ by The Cars
In at no. 6: 

‘Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cindy Lauper
Up 2 to no. 5:

‘It’s Different For Gulls’ by Joe Jackson
Steady at no.4: 

‘Gulls & Buoys’ by Blur
Into the top three:
No. 3:

‘Gulls Talk’ by Dave Edmunds
At No.2 for the second week: 

‘The Gull From Ipanema’ by Frank Sinatra
And still topping the chart: ‘Fat-Bottomed Gulls’ by Queen.
Come back next week and see a completely new chart of Looe Songs.

4 responses to “Gull Songs for Looe

  1. Really liked this one G, made me laugh out loud, especially number one of course. What about Gulls, gulls, gulls from Motley Crue?

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