On our holiday journey…

“Are we having fun, yet?”

He asked, quite dourly;

He had been saying this a lot; in fact, almost hourly.
“Are we there, yet?”

Came the voice from the back;

Our loathing for these words did not sense any lack.
“I need to go ‘wee-wees!”

But, we’d only just stopped.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been.”

And our progress was stopped.
“I want an ice-cream!!!”

For the seventeenth time.

“When we get to the seaside.”

Up the wall we did climb.
“I want to go home!”

He was being a pain;

“If you don’t behave,

We won’t bring you again!”
As a threat that wasn’t that good;

Grandad misbehaved

Worse than he normally would.
Next time we holiday

We’re going to Rome;

And, Grandad?

He’ll be left home alone –

What could possibly go wrong? 


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