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Follow Sarainlalaland; write 1, 85, 2,300 blog posts or poems; whatever you do just write. It is so good to see the positivity grow
. G:)

Sara in LaLaLand

It’s me again, are you fed up of me yet?

This is my 85th post and I am astonished that I have gotten this far. This is the most consistent I have ever been in my entire life. This blog is around 6 months old now and over this period I have learnt so much about myself and what I want in life. I am still striving to be a better version of myself and I believe that will always be the case, not that I think this is a bad thing. I love learning in any form and I would like to continue doing so whether it be on a personal level, trivial matters anything that my brain can accommodate.

Thinking back, I can not recall exactly why I started blogging and at this point I think it matters not. I enjoy writing greatly and even when I blog…

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