Shall I Sing You A Song?

“I’m a Lumberjack!”

I sing;

Though I am not

And never ‘have’ been one.
“I’m a model and you know what I like…”

Yet, I am ‘not’ 

Nor am I likely to be a model.
“I’m a Barbie Girl…!”

Ha! Most definitely ‘not’
“I’m in the middle

Of a chain reaction!”

Dross! My singing, that is;

Not Diana.
“Just a song at twilight…”

Which ‘time’ is a ways off

As is my warbling song.
“Sing a song of sixpence…”

That’s 6d in old money,

2p or so in new money

And, in reality, not a lot.
Such is my life…

In song.


One response to “Shall I Sing You A Song?

  1. this made me chuckle…but you did it your way after all ❤

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