Evan Moor Poetry

We walked across Evan Moor
From side to side,

Shore to shore;

We would have sailed

If we’d had a boat

And spent at least some of our time

Avoiding horse

And prickly gorse

We wended as we do,

And saw some deer

Up close and clear

Before they legged it, too.
The squelch of boots

And eight dogs’ legs

Was the music of our toil;

We chose a path

The safest route,

That barely touched firm soil.
Along, we did follow

Hoofprints hollow

And the vagaries of ill-formed tracks;

Toward an end

Where we’d relax,

Befriend civilisation once again.
And with the hurrushing breeze

Past diminutive trees

And bushes, at our side;

We’d crossed the muddly ocean

“A victory!”

We loudly cried.


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