Moor Poetry, Please!

‘Moor! Moor! Moor!’

I hear them crying.
A few people have asked me to write some ‘moor’ poetry

(A lot ‘more’ people have requested that I write ‘less’ poetry)

And, so, I shall write a ‘moor’ poem.
Once more unto the moor, I say;

Even though it’s a wet and dreary day;

And along sodden paths we wander

Whilst worlds collide

And governments collude…

And peace overtakes us.

As a distant train passes by

Rushing on it’s journey from somewhere

To somewhere

But, wherever that ‘somewhere’ may be,

I don’t want to go there.

I’m happy in the here and now.
New Forest Ponies close-mow the grasses,

And distanced walkers take dogged steps to exercise their demons.

Whilst we walk and wander amblessly upon the verdant surface of this planet. 

And life is good.


2 responses to “Moor Poetry, Please!

  1. The poem delivers a beautiful message

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