One Day, Whilst at the Liskeard Show.

I was at the Liskeard Agricultural Show recently; where I went into the Poetry Tent; there were just a lot of chickens there…
Going: ‘Buck! Buck! Buck!’
Until one of them said:
‘Buck. Buck? Buck!

Mrs. Buck Rogers,

While her husband was away,

Took in lodgers,

Or so they say.

Whilst he was off galavanting – or saving an unknown universe –

She was quite happy

Silver-lining her purse.

And when Buck eventually returned

From his exploits so bold

Mrs. Buck had a bank balance 

That was something to behold.

They settled down

And raised all their kids

In luxury…

Until, one day,

They found they had lost all their money.

The taxman called

And told them that their nest egg had gone

‘Funny thing is…’ had said Mrs. Buck

‘I knew from the start not to trust in luck. Sadly, I put all of my eggs into baskets numbering one – which is something I really shouldn’t have done.
And, finally,’ the poetic chicken said

‘Mrs. Buck and her family – down on their luck – 

Left town to seek a new beginning,

On the back of a truck.

Sadly, that truck was attacked by Flash Gordon’s foes, the flying monkeys, 

And no one survived

To tell the tale –

So, ‘I’ had to make up each and ev’ry detail.

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