A Man Walked into a Bar with a Stick.

A man walked into a bar with a stick

The man ordered a pint of beer

The stick was driving, so he only had a lemonade

The man asked for crisps

The barman only had cheese and an onion

The man chose the cheese

The stick didn’t like onions

They made him cry

The barman offered to make the stick a sandwich

But, he didn’t have any bread…

And didn’t know ‘how’ to make a sandwich;

The stick thanked the barman for that.

The man walked out of the bar without paying

The stick had no money

The barman threw the stick out of the bar

And hit the man on the head.

“That’s how you stick it to the man.” Said the barman.

He was mad.

The stick picked itself up and left the man, walking off to where his car was drawn up.

The man lay in the street until he decided he would lie no more…

After that he always told the truth.


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