She is…

She is the ying

To my tong;

She is the Big Bang

To my Ning Nang Nong;

She is the wotsit

To my doodah;

She is my pasty

And my future;

She is the Cornish cream

That finishes off my scone;

She is with me

So that we are not alone;

She is the ‘never say rabbit’ to my ‘In a boat’; 

She keeps me afloat.

She is…

12 responses to “She is…

  1. I’m always happy to tiddle your po 😘

  2. Reblogged this on moonworld and commented:

    I think he likes me 🙂

  3. You guys are blissful and beautiful. This is sweet, Graeme.

  4. lovely post G and you two look like you’re having a grand time on your tour 🙂

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