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This poem is the same as the last poem.

“This poem is just the same as the last one.”
“Why?” you ask.
“Well…” I begin, “It uses the same words.”
“Just in a different order.”
“And it’s written in English.”
“Precisely. I never vary it at all. Ever! I even write it like it’s not a poem… when ‘inside’ it really is.”
“No. There is no ‘po-et-ry’ at all in the above.”
“True. But, that’s what I love about writing. It knocks on my door; I open the door; and ‘poetry’ stands there ‘inviting’.”
“I see. However, can I just say one thing to you…?”
“To me?”
“Sì! You are a spirit free; and what you do with your words is fine by me.”
“Nah! Just trying to support your fragile reality.”

These Are Just Some Of The Words That I Use.

There was too much tension

To mention…

So, I won’t.
And, don’t think

That I may do so later;

I have never been a hesitater;

But, maybe there is a first time

For a mentional tensional rhyme

Or would that be a crime?

A curtailed type haik-

Today’s Haiku Chall-

Is to write a curtailed haik-

That doesn’t fit the…

Writer Splock! (A Song)

E                              FI’m suffering from Writer’s 



Em                      F

Suffering from Writer’s 





And, now, you’re suffering, 




From my singing this song 


to you


From my singing my Writer’s Block, Writer’s Block, Writer’s Block Block Block


song to you.
I’m suffering from Writer’s Block

I’m suffering from Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

I’m suffering from Writer’s Block

And now you’re suffering, too.
I’m suffering from….
No, that’s enough of that.

Morbid Parody of the Day #DuranDuran

Names on Stone (Girls on Film) by Duran Duran
…Names on stones

(It must be a graveyard)

Names on stones.
NB I don’t really need to say any more – I think that my work is done here.

This is not a Haiku #HaikuNot

After the rain, a rainbow

Today is not a day

For a stroll with a troll

Or a jog with an og.
Today it is raining

But, I’m not complaining;

The grass needs a shower.
And they call this Summer;

So why are we surprised

When it feels like Autumn.
And when I say ‘Autumn’

Not a warm, mild Autumn;

But, a really damp one.
However, with weather,

Remember the saying

After the rain, a rainbow.

In Italy (#italiano)

… there was una ragazza, un lupo e una mela rosso.