When in Rome…

Lines criss cross the map

And we take a nap

Intending to be fresher than daisies when we arrive.

The AirCon is on

And the seats are softer than a very soft thing indeed – of both these things we had a need.

Through valleys and tunnels,

Across plains and through villages, towns and cites we go,

Heading for Roma

“Oh, sol e mio!”

For a molto choice of gelato.
In Rome a plot was afoot…
NB you can see from the photo above that 3 people were photo-bombing Jane’s picture. They were Jane’s daughter, Cesca, Cesca’s husband, Scott, and Jane’s son, Ryan. They had flown to Rome for Jane’s birthday surprise – and surprise it was. G:)

2 responses to “When in Rome…

  1. Happiest birthday to beautiful Jane ❤

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