“What’s it all about, Alfafa?”


Or a flat battery

Will get you nowhere

Or everywhere – 

I am never sure which.
And, furthermore,

If you need to go to the cattery…

I presume you have a cat –

Or want one.
It has come to my inattention quite recently

That I have unnoticed

Some things

And unobserved others;

This has lead to little

Or no noticeable difference;

Therefore, I would like to apologise for this

And hope that any effects

Not felt by this deplorable lack (upon my part)

Are soon indissipated

By a passing thought

That I may (or may not)

Have once had (or not).
For an explanation of the above

Please enclose a signed and addressed envelope

And send it somewhere.

Wait 28 days for receipt of the envelope

A further 28 days for your ‘calm-down’ or ‘cool down’.
If after a further 28 days

You have heard nothing

Be not surprised

As surprises are potentially harmful.
Please see over for your options to continue this journey.
We thank you for travelling with us and look forward to the future.


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