Never say ‘rabbit’ in a boat.

Never say ‘rabbit’ in a boat;

That is ‘unless’ the boat in question is not afloat

In which case it’s best not to anyway.

Nor ‘pig’

Never say ‘pig’ in a boat neither.

For both of these animals are said to be unlucky to be mentioned when afloat,

In a boat.

If thou shouldst be travelling with either of the aforementioned animals quoted above

Please refer to them as ‘bunny’ and ‘wiggy’

And no harm shall come to the floating craft

That you are upon.

‘Sheep’ is possibly also thought to be unlucky to converse about on a boat,

When afloat;

And a ‘cow’ is probably worse.

I have heard no mention of any problems with camels or giraffes;

But, they, too, would (in all likelihood)

Do the vessel of your sailing

No good.

So, to recap,

Best not to talk or comment upon any livestock


You are in dry dock.


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