Saturday Swaffle!

A Saturday challenge needs a theme

Like… it needs a hole in the head,

It is said

(Though not very loudly)

That Chinese Whispers

Can be heard

By a Chinese Whisper Listener

Unless, that is,

The Chinese Whisperer’s voice is hoarse.

In which case,

I would like to point out, that,

I seem to have strayed 

From the point.

Saturday Theme!

That was it.

But, not Saturday Sonnet

So serious is that;

Saturday Shaiku?

A made up thing

(Like the Badriomaku)

And alliterative, though it is,

Would it be inviting?

Saturday Shenanigans?

Open to vast amounts of interpretation, I think.

Saturday Stream of Subconsciousness?

Wacky, perhaps, who knows.

Saturday Something?

Maybe better than Saturday Nothing!

I know…

Saturday Smile Surprise!

Anything that has a feel good factor

From a holiday haiku to a blog about an actor

Who learnt to drive a tractor

Or the like.

Perhaps Saturday’s Waffle

Like mine often are?

They go on soooooooooo long

But, never,

Too far.


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