Word Up! (A Call to Pen)

Word Up!
You’ve got to keep your word up

If it’s the last thing you do

Because, you know,

The poetry has to get through.
Through lands obscure with people mean

Across oceans vast as any seen

Underground in lairs where

The White Worm has been

And across the skies

On a trampoline?
Anyway, however you get there

Get there you must

Before all has been written

And you’re turning to dust

Whilst you still have the breath in your lungs to proceed

Word up, at once, it’s your task, yes, indeed.
Words put to page

Forever to age

Or not


Or lowercase

May be.

Words scrawled on paper

By hand and in haste

Or crayon, if necessary

To lose words, a waste.
So, Word Up!

And on with the show

To write, you know,

Is the right thing

To do






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