Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

It’s no good standing still

That’s no good at all

Move move

Move with the groove

Move with the times

Move with your rhymes

Keep your poetry in motion

At ‘all’ poetic times.
Running themes

And walking rhyme schemes

Jogging, trotting 

At a canter if you wish

With banter fast

The course to last.
“Oh, really?”
I insist!
Poetry in motion?

Now I’m feeling ill

Have to stop for a little while

I think I’ve had my fill

Take a rest

With my anapaest

And my trochee

Lagging far behind;

It’s a young person’s game

And, it’s a shame

I am not usually the flagging kind.
So, I drop

I’ve been a flop

And, caught off the hop…

My words




One response to “Poetry in Motion

  1. I’m going to stay here in my Bed for long it’s weekend and ain’t gonna move. LOL
    btw nice poem

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