Bread, Butter and Gravity Issues.

A man needs to know which side his bread is buttered.
He should also be aware that, if dropped (the bread, not him) the likehood of ‘the bread’ landing ‘buttered side’ down is mathematically 50% – mythically this percentage is far higher.
If neither side of the bread was buttered the percentage reduces to virtually 0% (actually it actually does reduce to ‘actually’ 0%)
If both sides are buttered the law of averages would disallow the bread landing in it’s side and therefore 100% would (in all likelihood) be achieved.
This applies similarly for toast, croissants, muffins and crumpets (other breadstuffs are available).
Adding the butter increases the likelihood of the butter/floor combination. 
But, over a period of time, averages tend to average out and 50% +\- 1 or 2% is more (or less) what you will get.
If you can do the math(s)

This should be obvious.

Obviously, if the math(s) is not your thing…

…just take my word for it.


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