Streams of Consciousness on Trobis 5

“In the cool of the shade

A calm decision was made;

However, in the heat of the moment,

A promise recently spoken

Was quickly broken.”
What the words above mean

I haven’t a clue;

And why I keep on posting

Series of letters, spaces and punctuation is also a conundrum

(Or an enigma; possibly a mystery)

To me.
Yesterday, a ‘Bistro’ sign was seen

And in my head a scene

Of an orbiting bistro appeared – 

“Robirt’s Bistro orbits Trobis 5 – a short-stop diner for any hungry astronaut in the Galix-Delta sector!”
That’s the way it goes.
Anyway, I’m off to get a ‘Stargazer Brunch Deal’ 
Back before Sundown over Brevki Major.


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