Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS 

Even the photo capture has not been edited G;)

I must admit

To not knowing

Where this piece of writing

Is going.

I haven’t given myself a time limit

And as for editing,

I shall just skim it

(It shall be what it shall be).

Having said that

(And written the above)

I must


Apologise to those

Who consider

That my words have to many ‘ooooooos!’
That is the letter

Not the sound of wonder

That can be heard

If you say ‘ooooooos!’

As if you’d been on the ‘booze’

Rather than speaking of ‘rows’ of cars

I hope that this is clear;

Yet, I fear,

It may not be

To some

Or all…

Perhaps, it is just me that can see

How I got from A to Z

Or Alpha to Omega

If Grease you have recently

Been to see.
I shall now go and have a lay down

In a darkened room

Where I can contemplate

The gloom. 


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