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“Are you ready to order?”

“So, would you prefer

The former or the latter;

The Chicken Korma

Or the Sea-Food Platter;

The first comes with rice;

And, for your thirst,

A Laasi with a slice

(It is rather hot).

The Plateau de Fruits de la Mer

(Which is beyond compare)

Is likely to thrill your taste buds

And, still leave you wanting more 

And , it is said, that Mermaids are fed

Upon this meal

As their daily bread.”

Letter G

I have a problem with letter g

I can’t spell it 

And I can’t be bothered to learn to.

The Planets (not by Gustav Holst)

The Moon is a Banana

The Sun is an Orange

Earth is an Elderberry

Mars is a Melon

Jupiter is a Juniper Berry

Neptune is a Nectarine

Saturn is a Satsuma

Uranus is an Ugli Fruit
Need I say more?

The little country lane less travelled

The little country lane less travelled
With a narrowness of girth

And a meandering of direction

I followed the little country lane

For what seemed like hours

But, was, in fact, a life time;

Of writing with little skill

And inefficient rhyme

Hoping that, one day, I would reach a destination

Worthy of a proper poet;

One possessing more than just an inclination to put

Pen to paper

Or fingers to keys;

And, maybe these


That I am writing now 


Possibly possess the ingredients of success.

I know not


I shall keep writing

Just enjoying the journey

And not too worried about Where

The vehicle is heading.

In the middle of a Cornish night

Cornish Rain

A thunder storm

May not be the ‘norm’

But, even amongst thunder storms 

maybe that one wasn’t

It was epic.

Lashings of rain

Again and again

Flashings of lightning

Immense and, at times, frightening;

Hailstones as big as marbles

Attacking the roof

As if shot from peashooters

And with unerring accuracy.

And the duration

Of the whole

Was also impressive.

We lay there

Admiring the ebb and flow

And even more flow.

And when, eventually

Things had subsided

To a constant and reliable rain,

We, decided that a Cornish thunderstorm

Would be nice to have

As our ‘norm’.

Motherboard (or ‘How I almost wrote a poem about ‘electronics’)

This is a poem
That could have been about electronics
It is called
When I was a lad

My dad was disappointed in me

Because I always had 

My head in a book.

I wanted to be

Biggles, or Bilbo, Will-I-Am Brown;

Molesworth, Korky the Cat or Stig;

To name but six.
And never was I keen to partake

Of the various sports

That my father would make

It his goal to get me kitted out in whites or shorts

To wield a bat

Or kick a ball

I must say, I wasn’t that interested at all

In physical learning

I wasn’t games needing

When I was there with yearning 

For a book for the reading.
So, my parents would just 

Sit there

Father, disapproving;

And mother, bored.

‘The road goes ever on and on…’

‘The road goes ever on’
And on and on

And on

And on



And on and on

And on

And on and


And on…

A bit like this poem.