It’s Wednesday!

Wednesday is a day much like any other day

In fact, of the seven to choose from
(In our ‘weekly’ calendar)

It is one of them.

The others may have their qualities

And their inequalities

But, I shall not speak of them here

As this is a light-hearted look at just one of the days

Of the week.
Of all the days in all the world’s existence

Very few have been Wednesdays;

In fact, less than a seventh.
Or, to be precise,

A lot less than a seventh

As, for a fact,

We didn’t start naming the days at all

Until fairly recently;

And Wednesday is still not universally recognised as the day it is.

Some people have their ‘Wednesdays’


Or later

Or, in some places,

Not at all

In the week.
However, let me just say

That at this very moment

A lot of people are enjoying

This very Wednesday- 

However, a lot lot more

Tomorrow, I shall endeavour to enjoy Thursday. 
Take care as ‘you’ travel through the weekdays.

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