The little country lane less travelled

The little country lane less travelled
With a narrowness of girth

And a meandering of direction

I followed the little country lane

For what seemed like hours

But, was, in fact, a life time;

Of writing with little skill

And inefficient rhyme

Hoping that, one day, I would reach a destination

Worthy of a proper poet;

One possessing more than just an inclination to put

Pen to paper

Or fingers to keys;

And, maybe these


That I am writing now 


Possibly possess the ingredients of success.

I know not


I shall keep writing

Just enjoying the journey

And not too worried about Where

The vehicle is heading.


One response to “The little country lane less travelled

  1. I really enjoyed this. You’re right – we should try to focus more on enjoying the ride instead of just wanting to reach the end goal. Best of luck – speak766

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