Motherboard (or ‘How I almost wrote a poem about ‘electronics’)

This is a poem
That could have been about electronics
It is called
When I was a lad

My dad was disappointed in me

Because I always had 

My head in a book.

I wanted to be

Biggles, or Bilbo, Will-I-Am Brown;

Molesworth, Korky the Cat or Stig;

To name but six.
And never was I keen to partake

Of the various sports

That my father would make

It his goal to get me kitted out in whites or shorts

To wield a bat

Or kick a ball

I must say, I wasn’t that interested at all

In physical learning

I wasn’t games needing

When I was there with yearning 

For a book for the reading.
So, my parents would just 

Sit there

Father, disapproving;

And mother, bored.


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