5-Minute Speed Write (try it, it’s fun)

Five minutes of writing

Sounds so inviting

I assure you it’s not.

No theme for me to follow

It’s a hard task to swallow

And no time for mako editing, either.

Free style

And worthy of a smile


But, here’s the rub

I have to cap a hub

And make the rhymes

Even though I lose the sense;

Hence, none of this makes easy reading

And some of it is purely misleading

I have the feeling

That it is revealing

My lack of organisational skills

When all of the wills

Fall off of my poetry vehicle

And, do I think that I am going to find a rhyme for 


When it had taken me three attempts

Just to spell it.

Is my time up yet

I set the alarm

And five minutes 

Is only Three Hundred Seconds

You do the math(s)

Because I am to busy

To Bee

Or not to Bee


With the logisticality

Of all of this.

Now, I am just blathering

Lathering my words

And with Nose hope…
(5 minutes was up here)


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