(Poem 6 – upon a train) 24 Poems in 25 Hours

Poem 6 – 05:00 16-05-2017

With my back to the engine

Not everyone can do this

Not everyone can travel on a train.

It is raining.

It always seems to rain;

Although, obviously, it doesn’t,

And I am wet.
It is raining outside of the train.

Inside it is not.

I am wet.
The dampness seeps into my inner layers of clothing

(At least I had a coat)

My coat is not waterproof.

I sit upon the train.


And write this.

It is not a poem.

Or is it?

It looks like a poem.

It has the pervading sense of poetry…

And yet…

I am wet.
There is a train going past 

In the opposite direction

It is going to where I have come from (and maybe beyond)

This train is going to where the other train came from (possibly)

And maybe beyond.

Life is full of things.

And I




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