(Poem 24 – The Finishing Line Is In Sight) 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 24 – 23:00 16-05-2017

All out of phrases

But, his game he still raises

To run for the tape

In hope of escape

Tiring, he stumbles;

For a breath he bravely fumbles

And lunges

And falls

And lays still.
The crowd is hushed

An ambulance rushed

And they gather around

This brave athlete

Supine upon the ground.
They offer support

But, of life there is nought

And his quill lays broken

Beside him, a token

Of what he promised to do.
“One last gasp! Was all that he needed;

But, the warning signs weren’t heeded.

And he positively speeded

To try for that tape.

And now he lays breathless

And wordless and speechless

With nary an arrow in his quiver to shoot.

“Was it all in this vein?”
“Could he have ended his reign?”
“He should have worked through the pain.”
And the near-corpse opened and eye.
His lip trembled a word

They listened, some heard,

The word, it was

‘Water.’ They brought him a glass.

They dribbled some twixt

The crack of his lips

And he drew in a breath

And time seemed not to pass…

But, it did.

And with a will that was found

He rose from the ground

And travelled the distance

From there to the tape.

The crowd cheered ‘Huzzah!’

And witnessed a star

As it crossed the Heavens that day.
And, now, looking back

We just smile at our lack

And his braveness in ending at last

So here’s to his glory

That I’ve told in this story

Raise a glass to that hero of the past.


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