(Poem 22 – Two Little Ducks) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 22 – 21:00 16-05-2017

There is a catch.

There is ‘always’ a catch.

And the catch is…?

Two little ducks

One for sorrow

One for joy

One is a girl

One is a boy

But, are we talking magpies here?

“What?” I hear you say

“Talking magpies! Is your mind running away

With you at the helm

The ship will run aground

Did you ever lose those lost marbles

That you dropped on the ground

When you were younger

Than you are today?

Who’s to say

You were made that way?”
I looked around…


There was no one there

To speak but a word

To utter these lies

(Well maybe one third)

And silence returned

When I asked ‘Who is there?’
There was nobody watching,

No one to care

No one to lend a hand

Or even to stare;

Just me and my writing,

And that’s how it was

When I deliberated

Over twenty-two

And my mind it went wandering

It does that, because

It’s not tethered down

And slips off to town

When it should be kept

Tuned to the task ahead

And my literary volume

Output turnéd down.
Oh, I’ve waffled on again;

And let loose the thoughts 

Within my brain…
For which I hereby apologise.
And declare that 66% of the above, at least,

Is truth…

Or lies.


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