Poem 17 (Status Update) – 25 Poems in 24 hours

Poem 17 – 16:00 16-05-2017

Hopefully, you are still with me

Winding your way through this poetry day

Or you may have fallen by the wayside

Taken the decision to decide

‘Not’ to take any notice

Of my indeterminable waffle

Or are there too few choice rhymes to be found around?

And maybe you might like a simile or two, too.

Or an incomparable metaphor

That is a golden eagle

Flying high in a Bohemian sky…

Or not.
Anyway, if you ‘are’ still here

And have overcome the fear

Of the possibility of semaphore poetry

(Which is liable to appear)

Turning up here

Have ‘no’ fear

I use only the choicest rhymes,

Fresh words from Asian Climbs

And proper poetic punctuation.
All that being said

Is there ‘any’ sense in the words you have just read?
“Onwards, onwards on words!” I cry

(Though I am sad, yet still I cry)

Why is that?


5 responses to “Poem 17 (Status Update) – 25 Poems in 24 hours

  1. sorry, had to go to work, finishing up that trail of tears today 🙂

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