(Poem 16 – Things Past) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 16 – 15:00 16-05-2017


It’s a…

Is a…
… Thing of the past.
At last,

The time has come

My friends

To speak of sealing wax

And… um…

Other things;

Perhaps ‘apron strings’

Perhaps not.

I have a feeling that I have forgotten the words.

I do that from time to time

And, can’t recall a rhyme

That was once so familiar

And so I recite something similar

But, not the correct lines.

I should, perhaps,


Some library fines

For the late returning of those aforementioned lines.
I had better start saving up

All of my pocket money

And ‘wrap it in a five-pound note’

As somebody once


Or may not

Have wrote. 


7 responses to “(Poem 16 – Things Past) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

  1. I recently ordered and started to use sealing wax, on real letters, but have not spoken of it…perhaps I should. 25 in 24 hours is awesome, dude. You just go.

  2. no sealing wax here, but at work, we have wax for bikini lines/hairy faces and the such….and the melty pot and muslin strips :)……a razor works nicely too 🙂

  3. darn, I’ve reached the end….chop chop buttercup, get-a-writin’

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