(Poem 15 – Relill) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 15 – 14:00 16-05-2017

A breather.



Keep doing that.

As if you weren’t going to.
Take five.

Six, seven, even.




Ha! Words and their derivation;

What a n,n,n,nervous notion.
Take the time.

Put your feet up

(Up where?)

Take 40 winks

(No more, no less)

And, say ‘no’ to stuff

When you usually say ‘yes’ – you know it makes as much sense

As the American Mint.
Take a chill pill

(But, only under starter’s orders)

And calm down and reduce tensions

And in different dimensions

Exchange PSGaaFt1

For PSGaaFt2

Or the other way round

It’s better than hitting the ground

Running in circles

And climbing up trees

Problems they say

Come in threes;

Though who these ‘they’ might be

Is an unknown factor

To a dude like me

And far too taxing on my recumbent brain.
I shall repeat

And this will never (usually) fail




One response to “(Poem 15 – Relill) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

  1. relaxing….my favorite pasttime 😉 and eating sweets too ❤

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