25 Poems in 24 Hours (tomorrow 16-05-2017 GMT)

I am going to post 25 Poems in 24 hours and you, my friends, are going to get really fed up with a new posting ‘on the hour’ and ‘every hour’ from 00:00 GMT to 24:00 GMT on 16th May, 2017. 

This also happens to be my birthday and I am doing this because I can.

Some of the poems have, so far, been written in advance. Others may be ‘live’ for their posting. I have no clear plan on how tomorrow will allow me to post anything as I know not what is planned for the day and what occurrences may occur. 
Also, the logistics of writing a poem on the hour every hour for twenty-four hours is not an easy one to fulfil. I know that it would be a ‘literal’ marathon – but, I hate to misuse the word ‘literal’ and so I shall refrain from doing so. 
If you have read this far, please award yourself a biscuit.
I shall see you all tomorrow…



4 responses to “25 Poems in 24 Hours (tomorrow 16-05-2017 GMT)

  1. Reblogged this on informal grae and commented:

    Just to let you know G:)

  2. Happy Birthday G-man, looking forward to the reads ❤

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