An Inattention to Detail (I Have)

I have a certain inattention to detail

Without fail I can manage to mismanage

A colon, or a comma slips into a coma 

An apostrophe can become semi-detached

(It doesn’t have an owner)

And I become all hyphenated;

Wide-eyed; open-mouthed; cross-legged; face-egged…
Until, my breathing slows

And awareness gently, yet gradually, grows

That it doesn’t really matter – 

No-one will batter an eye-lid

If you write rite wrong 

(Well, right-minded people might; but, do we know any?)

And, many, many times

Nobody even reads the rhymes

Upon the page…
Such, is the age

That we are in –

A poetic type cannot win.


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