The Joyful Journeyings of One Bertram Bumble (Part 4 – The Final Part).

They waited in line

For their moment, a sign;

But, the queue they were in never shortened;

So, they caught the next tram

Which left for Siam

And, unsurprisingly, they decanted in…
… Southend.
They looked

(They peered)

For a pier

That appeared

To burn

Like a funeral pyre.

‘Oh, no!’ They thought;

‘A fire has caught!

And the flames grow higher and higher!’
But, fear not for the pier

For it soon became clear

That it was ethereal mist

And not at all a fire

That made the vision a lyre

(Or a ‘liar’ if you’re being pedantic)

They turned from the fog

And started a slog

To hop to the nearby Atlantic.
Realising their folly

Didn’t stop this new jolly

They were sharing a road trip together;

And, as they’d broken the ice

She told him her name it was Heather

(Which was nice).
Heather was a whether girl

Who was averse to making a decision 

So, she hopped with Bertram across the land

With little or no precision.
So, when they reached the Atlantic vast

They knew their journey had ended at last

They were the happiest that two people had ever been

And lived happily ever after (in stone-built Aberdeen).


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